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TrueMap 6 Beta

TrueMap v6

TrueMap v6 is almost here! Fully 64-bit, it is capable of handlimg much larger data files with ease. A completely new modern user interface makes the program even easier to learn and use. Please download the beta version and let us know what you think...

TrueMap 5


TrueMap has been used to create measurement solutions in the automotive, biomedical, electronics, and other industries. A completely modern, customizable user interface allows you to easily compute the results needed for your measurement application....



Most surface texture gages
produced today work quite well, however, many lack the graphics
or all of the computing power that
you truly need. TrueSurf can make
any gage capable of computing
all of the latest ASME and ISO parameters...



TrueRond has the capability to be interfaced directly to multiple gage heads allowing components to be measured in a much more efficient manner. Multiple radial measurements can be made simultaneously to check the flatness of many parts such as disk ...