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Answer: TrueGage software can be "branded" to present a seamless look to your customers. The branding process allows your company's logo to appear within the program along with your company's contact information providing a consistent look and feel. The software can be interfaced to your current system in multiple ways. The simplest method is by simply providing some documentation regarding your file format so that we can write import code to support it. Our products are also "automatable" via COM. We can provide sample Visual Basic or Visual C++ code demonstrating how to interface your present software seamlessly with our programs.


Answer: TrueGage has provided upgrades for many gages produced by the following manufacturers:  Taylor Hobson, Mahr, Federal, Mitutoyo, TSK, Steyr, FAG, Sheffield, Precitech, plus a few more.  We have also provided upgrades for custom measurement systems and created customized measurement solutions.  Please feel free to contact us at info@truegage.com to see if we can provide a solution for your company.


Answer: TrueGage software can compute nearly all of the ASME and ISO standard parameters.  We can analyze the data from many gages that simply compute two or three parameters and provide the parameters that you need to meet your customer's requirements.  We can also provide an interactive graphical display of the profile data.  This capability in itself is a feature not available on many inexpensive gages.


Answer: In many cases, yes.  The TrueSurf and TrueRond programs both contain a "measurement programming" feature that is basically a step-by-step script editor that can automate repetitive tasks.  We can also provide hardware components and/or tooling to help eliminate user error. 


Answer: In many cases, we are more than willing to develop a new feature in our software if we feel that it would be useful to other customers.  In other cases, we can provide a custom software solution for a very modest fee.