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TrueMap v6 Beta


TrueMap v5





Surface Microtopography Software - TrueMap v6 is a 64-bit program for the visualization and analysis of surface microtopography. Download the beta and let us know what you think.

Surface Microtopography Software - TrueMap v5 is a software solution for the visualization and analysis of surface microtopography. It can be used to analyze surfaces on any scale. TrueMap has been used to provide solutions in many different markets including aerospace, automotive, cosmetics, paper and plastics, semiconductors, etc.

Surface Roughness Software - TrueSurf software brings the latest metrology tools (visualization, filters, parameters) to any surface roughness gage. TrueSurf can be used as a standalone software product or can be used to directly measure and upload profile data from many profilometers. Complies to ASME and ISO standards.

Roundness and Cylindricity Software - TrueRond software is used to visualize and analyze roundness profiles acquired on many contact or non-contact form measurement systems. Cylindricity and harmonic analysis software modules are also available.
Complies to ASME and ISO standards.