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Surface Topography Software

TrueMap has been used to create measurement solutions in the automotive, biomedical, electronics, and other industries. A completely modern, customizable user interface allows you to easily compute the results needed for your measurement application. Please download the 14 day trial version of TrueMap from this website to see its capabilities in action with your data.

An OEM Solution Provider

TrueMap can be "branded" for use by manufacturers of surface measurement equipment. Additionally, TrueMap can be automated through a software interface allowing another program to control much of its functionality. This allows a seamless integration of the TrueMap software with your current software/hardware system. Please contact us to learn more about how TrueMap can integrated with your products.





Surface Roughness Software

Most surface texture gages produced today work quite well, however, many lack the graphics or all of the computing power that you truly need. TrueSurf can make any gage capable of computing all of the latest ASME and ISO parameters. Enhance the capabilities of your low end instruments with TrueSurf software to visualize the profile data. You have the hardware that you need, now get the software that you really want. TrueSurf software will bring to the surface all of the answers you have been looking for.

Roundness, Cylindricity, and Harmonic Analysis Software

TrueRond has the capability to be interfaced directly to multiple gage heads allowing components to be measured in a much more efficient manner. Multiple radial measurements can be made simultaneously to check the flatness of many parts such as disk brakes in one quick measurement. The multiple profiles acquired are analyzed and displayed using OpenGL graphics to quickly locate any areas that are not within tolerance.