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Multiple Simultaneous Measurements

TrueRond has the capability to be interfaced directly to multiple gage heads allowing components to be measured in a much more efficient manner. Multiple radial measurements can be made simultaneously to check the flatness of many parts such as disk brakes in one quick measurement. The multiple profiles acquired are analyzed and displayed using OpenGL graphics to quickly locate any areas that are not within tolerance.

The Latest Technology on New or Old Equipment

Roundness and cylindricity gages are getting less expensive. Have you noticed they are not necessarily getting better? Why not take the roundness gage you already own and interface it with the latest technology. TrueRond software combines the power of Microsoft Windows with the latest algorithms and OpenGL data visualization tools. Do you have roundness gages produced by different manufacturers? We can provide a common user interface to operate all of your gaging. Training time can be reduced. Operator confidence can be increased. Correlation can be enhanced without the need for expensive purchases. Whether you need application engineering or customer support we are only a phone call away.

An OEM Solution Provider

TrueRond can be tailored specifically to your hardware and controller. Your logo will appear on the screen and your software and electronics headaches will be over. TrueGage software will enhance your product line and at the same time free up more of your resources to handle your day to day production schedule. We are in the surface metrology software business. That is what we do best. Let us help you do what you do best.




Some of the key analytical features of TrueRond are listed below:

  • Ability to easily interface to nearly all makes and models of form metrology equipment.
  • Calculation of roundness, eccentricity, eccentricity angle, concentricity, circular runout, sector roundness, flatness, squareness, squareness angle, parallelism, wall thickness, and cylindricity parameters.
  • Calculation and display of the filtered profile and unfiltered profiles.
  • Gaussian, Spline, 2RC, and 2RC Phase Corrected filters.
  • LSC, MIC, MCC, and MZC reference methods.
  • Fully interactive OpenGL display of cylindricity data.
  • Harmonic analysis to compute wavelength content.
  • Programming capability for automating repetitive measurement tasks.
  • Flick and/or step height calibration methods.
  • Leveling/Centering wizard for easy step-by-step part alignment.
  • Hard-copy report generation that is compatible with any Windows printer.
  • Adobe PDF document report generation.
  • Interactive on-line help system.