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TrueMap Roughness Parameters
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TrueMap 6

3D Surface & 2D Profile Analysis


Roundness & Cylindricity

TrueMap 6

3D Surface Texture Analysis Software

Works with contact stylus profilometers,
areal optical profilers, white light interferometers,
confocal microscopes, laser scanning systems, and more…
TrueMap Surface - Additive Manufacturing
TrueGage Surface - Laser Marking on Silicon Wafer
TrueMap Surface - Dime
We use TrueMap and TrueSurf daily for custom analysis and report generation on a wide variety of applications from roughness and waviness of micro polished substrates to characterizing texture on items such as biological tissue and embossed products. TrueGage software allows us to seamlessly upload and analyze data from our measurement systems to give our customers metrics to judge and control their processes.
Louie Carpentier (
Sr. Topography Specialist / Major Project Lead

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TrueMap 6

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